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Mid Brain Activation Course
Mid brain activation is a program designed to train and furnish kids with abilities to understand and perceive visual objects without seeing . The children can be trained to be as good as being able to read faster , with concentration even when they are in blindfolds . The mid brain is basically one of the parts of the brain whose main functions is to coordinate communication of auditory, motor and visual signs.


After attending the workshop, all children will have different degrees of improvement in the followings.

Blind Folded activity like recognize Color, Number, Shapes, Reading – Book, Newspaper, Currency Notes, Cycling and Walking.
Memory enhancement
Concentration enhancement
Confidence boosting
Creativity enhancement
Emotion management
Awaken the sub conscious mind
Creativity Enhancement
Sport Excellence
Superb Intuition
Super IQ
Left Right Brain Balancing
Stronger Connections in Motor Regions (Fine tuning of Motor skills)
More Energy and Enthusiasm
Interest Development
Mind Body Synchronization
Joyful and confident personality