NMRC Bus 112 Ace City to Sector 51 Metro Station Timing Reference

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Noida Metro Feeder Bus No.112 schedule

NMRC Bus Route No 112 now running from Ace City to Noida Sector 51 Aqua Line Metro Station , which was with route no. 312 earlier and was running to Noida City Centre Metro Station

Route Details - Sec-51,Sec – 71 Global School, Chowkhandi, Police Chowki, Homes 121 Property,Kisan Chowk- Paramount(Opp).

Temporary Note : 

Bus runs on Monday to Saturday
w.e.f. January 24, 2020 bus route has been changed to Sec-61 Metro🚊. Now no stops for Sec-51 & Sec-52 exists.
New bus stops are as below:-
A. From Ace City to Sec-61 Metro🚈
1. Ace City
2. Char-murti/ Gaur City Mall
3. Parthala Chowk
4. Global International School U-turn
5. Sec-61, Gate No. 2

B. From Sec-61 Metro 🚇 to Ace City
1. Sec-61, Gate No. 2
2. Sec 71, Left Turn
3. Global International School
4. Parthala Chowk
5. Char-murti/ Gaur City Mall
6. Ace City

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